Monday, June 27, 2011

Purple Swamphens

Regular visitors to our garden are the Purple Swamphens.
They particularly love to stop off on their way through our yard to have a dip in the birdbath.

In sunlight, their plumage shines with an intense blue sheen.

......doing a little dance

Another one joins in for a dip.
I just love watching the antics of these colourful birds.

Sandi x
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Felicity said...

Aha! I was miguidedly calling ours Morehens.
They amuse me with the flashing of their fluffy white bottom feathers.
We have a family of three on our property and I have my fingers crossed that they will drop a blue feather or two for me when it gets a bit warmer.
There's a lot of little white fluffy ones caught on the grass but none of the blue/black yet.

Happy day!

Felicity x

Sandrine said...

I love their colour so vibrant! I have never seen them before ?!

Jennifer Rose said...

bright beaked males and the plainer female?

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

We have boring birds.