Monday, July 11, 2011

A Beautiful Beetle

How gorgeous is this little jewel of a beetle?
Shining in the sun like an irridescent christmas decoration.

I could not find the name of this one.
**Edited 17-2-14   I now know this beetle's name - (very rare apparently)
it is Spilopyra sumptuosa
a chrysomelid beetle.
Its host is the tuckeroo tree.

It was tricky taking a photo as it was a very busy beetle not wanting to stay still.

You can see that the beetle is quite tiny compared to the size of my fingers.
I am very lucky to have such treasures living in my backyard.
Until next time,
keep your eyes out, you may just find your own tiny treasure,

Sandi x

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Felicity said...

An eye-poppingly iridescent gift Sandi - a clever capture, thank you for sharing.

x Felicity

Sarah said...

WOW it is tiny...

Very colourful... wonder if it has many if any preys to be so obvious...

Jennifer Rose said...

ooh shiny :D looks like a piece of jewellery