Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Curious Caterpillar

Look at all those long hairs covering this little caterpillar.
It was quite a sight walking along.
** now identifed as the caterpillar of the  Lichen Moth Cyana meyricki  courtesy of Don Herbison-Evans from the Coffs Harbour Butterfly House.

Sometime later.........
Aha! That's what all those long hairs are for -
 to weave a protective shelter whilst it is pupating.
So neatly built.
What a clever little thing!

Sandi x

**Edited 24th June to add this photo
Photographer Dr David Britton, Australian Museum

This is what the little hairy caterpillar turns into!
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Felicity said...

Totally ingenious.
Were you tempted to bring it indoors to see what kind of butterfly emerges?

xx Felicity

Sarah said...

OMGsh are you going to watch this for us? Daily blog about it please : O )))))

Ann said...

How amazing!