Monday, June 20, 2011

It arrived with the wood

A big centipede came with our load of  winter wood.
Luckily we were wearing gloves at the time. These guys can give you a nasty bite. In the photo above, the head end is on the left.

Here it is heading for the safety of the wood stack. Hope we don't see it again!

We have had some brilliant winter weather these last few days.
Lovely sunny days and cool, cool nights - just perfect for sitting by the fire in the evenings (with wine glass in hand).
Sandi x
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Jennifer Rose said...

o.0 runs away!!

Felicity said...

Yeah you're back!
These guys fascinate me with their reticulated trunks.
Imagine the glee of shoe producers if we all had this many feet to be shod!

xx Felicity