Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Last night I did a little spotlighting. As you do......
 I could hear this guy nearby the house. They have a loud distinctive call - 'wark, wark, wark'.
 It is a 'Great Barred Frog'.
 Look at all those wonderful stripes!

Here's one I photographed previously in the daytime. These frogs are quite large.
They like to hide in the leaf mulch and are found along streams in rainforest or tall open forest.

Over in the pond garden was a 'Striped Marsh frog', laying a batch of eggs, before the temperature starts to cool down for autumn.
Quite a common frog here. They make a 'pop' or 'tok' sound. Sometimes there is an orchestra of marsh frogs in the pond.

Do you have frogs in your garden?

Sandi x
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mandapanda said...

Yes, we have Many frogs! lol

Felicity said...

We live at Cooroibah which is renowned for its capacity to hold water so frogs abound here.

I've often wondered what types we have living on our property as they all have distinctive voices and seem to 'sing' at different times of the night.

xx Felicity