Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lovely Ladybirds

Some ladybird beetles for you today.
The first one is a 'tortoise shell', or 'netty' ladybird.
Isn't it's shell glossy - just like is has been polished.
The '28 spotted Potato Ladybird Beetle'. Sometimes an agricultural pest - as it eats potato (and other solanum species) plant leaves. I usually leave them if I see them on my potato plants. They can chew the leaves - I'll have the potaotes!

A 'Fungus-eating Ladybird beetle'.

And lastly, this unidentified one.....lovely!
You might just see one in your garden.....

Sandi x
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Sandrine said...

This is a brilliant new blog my dear Sandi!I will love reading and learning about all those little creatures,I raise my stick to your new venture and ALL THE VERY BEST my friend!:)
Must tell my readers about your new blog now!!
Sandrine x

Jennifer Rose said...

i hardly see lady bugs here :( maybe if I went hiking on the trails I might come across some.
i love the pattern on that tortoise shell on, very neat :)

Felicity said...

Naively I thought that there was only one kind and that the different 'coats' denoted age or sex.

Thank you for educating me on this.

Felicity x