Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Froggie Find

Hubby discovered this little guy hopping around in the bathroom this morning. It is a 'Broad-Palmed Rocketfrog' .It is an Australian ground-dwelling tree frog and can be found from mid-Queensland to south of Sydney, NSW.

A very handsome little frog - a creamy fawn colour with black markings.
It gets its name from its long pointed snout.
The Rocket Frog's legs are extremely long and allow them to leap farther than most other frogs of the same size.

And just look at the stiking colours on those legs.

I feel so lucky to see these amazing little amphibians up close.
Sandi x
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Felicity said...

Now that's what I call a gift of serendipity!

I enlarged the leg photo to oggle at the colours a little better - truly striking.

Thanks for sharing, I bet he was making quite a racquet in your bathroom too.

Happy day!

manda said...

I've only ever found one of these guys, and he was much tinier than yours. I did find a new species of frog to add to my list the other day though, so I'll be blogging him on my "I love a sunburnt country" blog soon.